Thursday, June 1, 2023

Goldline VP Andrew Brett: Curling will be back!

Goldline Curling CEA Andrew Brett shows the G50 curling shoe series
Goldline Curling CEA Andrew Brett shows the G50 curling shoe series

We are going into the second year of the pandemic. Unlike our hopes, the curling season 2020/21 has ended for most European curlers very early. Our last blog post dates from Octobre 2020 and tells about the frustration of Swiss Curling because of a new lockdown. We at asked one of the leading men in the curling industry, Goldline’s Vice President Andrew Brett, to give us his views about the situation and the future.

The interview can be viewed on our brand new Youtube channel in full.

It has been such a roller coaster,

tells us Andrew Brett, when asked how Goldline has been doing in the last year dominated by Corona. He, personally, had just the chance to play curling a mere three times this season and he now is

“eager to go back on the ice.”

We talk about the actual situation, about the clubs and their problems. About government support and most importantly, about the future of curling.

If you want to hear, what Goldline thinks about it, join us on Youtube.

To make it a bit more exiting, we will start our Youtube channel with a “Premiere” on Sunday, 21st of March at 11.00h.
Join us and check out, why Andrew Brett is

“full of optimism”

So let Youtube remind you and chat with us about the interview – tomorrow at 11h Berlin Time.